1/10 Offroad News

Timothy & Arianto win at 2019 LafarRace

The LafarRace 1/10 buggy race was held at the SDC Off-road track in Serpong, Indonesia. The event was held in the 2WD Modified Buggy and 4WD Modified Buggy classes. Ray Timothy (Kyosho) took the overall TQ in 4WD Mod while Dimaz Arianto (Yokomo) setting the TQ in 2WD Mod. The triple A-mains in both classes saw both TQ’s drivers converted their pole into a win. R.Timothy sealed the overall after won a flawless 2nd and 3rd leg. With a win in A1, John Agus secured the runner up spot and Adrian Wicaksono grabbed the 3rd place. In 2WD, ultimately, D.Arianto dominated all the legs to handed him an overall win, followed by the Yokomo duo of Rizki Pradana and Toufan Iskandar in second and third respectively.

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Harker & Borneill win at PDX Open


The PDX Open originated to settle the local debate on whether mod cars were in fact faster over a five minute run than their 17.5 counterparts. The small track has seen comparable lap times between the mod and stock classes and many argued the more manageable power of the 17.5 and 13.5 classes provided an advantage. After 2 rounds of qualifying, XRAY’s Travis Harker was able to put in clean runs in both classes to start on the pole position in both Mains. In the 2WD Open, T.Harker was able to get off to a clean start and he took the lead in both Mains to secure the victory with a comfortable margin. Brad Borneill (Yokomo) and Shannon Houfek (XRAY) rounded out the top 3.

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Tekin RS Gen3 & RS Gen3 Spec 1/10 speed controllers

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Tekin have added the new RS Gen3 and RS Gen3 Spec to their range of 1/10 speed controllers. The RS Gen3 brings a suite of enhanced features including better power handling and improved tuning features that give you unmatched adjustability. Maintain superior control in all situations with state-of-the-art components, award-winning performance and proven reliability. Standard features include an updated HD solder post design for easy soldering, a High Voltage BEC and HotWire compatibility for extensive tuning. Next generation components put more power at your disposal and new firmware make the RS Gen3 the smoothest, best-driving RS ever.

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T-Work’s tyre additive applicator brushed pen

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T-Work’s have introduced a tyre additive applicator brushed pen. The applicator brushed pen was designed to make traction additive application easier and offering more precision compared to the brush applicator usually used to apply the tyre sauce. The applicator brushed pen can contain up to 25ml of tyre sauce.

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Bartek Kramza sweeps XRS Poland


Last weekend was held the XRAY Racing Series Poland at the Serock RC track near to Warsaw. Bartek Kramza (XRAY) would sweep the 2WD and 4WD classes. The young and talented driver took the overall TQ and the win in both classes. In 2WD it was Sebastian Migal (XRAY) who came in second followed by Bartlomiej Gogacz (Schumacher) in third while in 4WD it was again S.Migal who finished in second in front of Bartlomiej Gogacz (XRAY) in third. In the 2WD Buggy Stock class, the Stock Polish Champion Pawel Ntkovca (XRAY) grabbed the win after many falls and ups from Jeremiasz Kramza (Schumacher) and Szymon Madziara (XRAY) in second and third respectively.

T-Work’s Eartec graphite & chrome stickers

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T-Work’s have introduced a new range of graphite and chrome stickers for the popular Eartec headset. Available in both graphite and chrome versions, the stickers are made of durable material and comes pre-cut, fitting the headset like a glove. Using the stickers allow to completely customise the look and also protect the headset from scratches.

Associated Electrics introduces new Element RC brand

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Associated Electrics have announced an all-new brand: Element RC. It’s a brand committed to providing adventurers with an experience, a story to tell, and memories that will last a lifetime. Established by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts: Element RC is a team of individuals dedicated to developing top-tier products, support, and innovative design concepts. This new brand is dedicated to fun, family, community, and is backed by Associated Electrics: the industry leader in radio-controlled car racing for over 50 years.

Element RC was created with the adventure enthusiast in mind.

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Exotek TLR 22 5.0 aluminium adjustable rear hub set

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Exotek Racing have introduced the new aluminium adjustable rear hub set for the TLR 22 5.0. CNC Machined from high-quality aluminium, the rear hubs come polished black and sport a silver chamfer finish and only weigh 2gr more than the hubs them replace. Tested with team driver feedback, this is a key tuning aid for matching the adjustable differential height (keeps the axle and bones level as you raise or lower the diff height inserts) and makes it easier to lower your ride height for high grip conditions. Designed to be use with 67mm bones, the default setting matches the 22 5.0 stock geometry while the full wheelbase adjustments similar to the stock hubs. Exotek Racing have deleted the 2 rearmost ball stud holes that are rarely used. The adjustable rear hubs come with precision machined Delrin hub height inserts that allow to set the hinge pin at stock level (+0) or raise the hub in 1mm increments (+1, +2, +3). Please note that the hubs also matches the same geometry as the B6.1 except the TLR ball stud height is 2mm taller.

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