Kyosho unveils Inferno MP10 photos & instruction manual

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After unveiling several teasers of the Inferno MP10, Kyosho has just put an end to the expectations of fans of the Japanese brand. Kyosho has unveiled detailed images of the Inferno MP10 and its instruction manual. The MP10 evolves in many ways but remains aesthetically in the same vein as its predecessor. Among the new features are front and rear arms that use a design obviously inspired by HB Racing, monobloc fin support, hub carriers, bodywork, etc….

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HB Racing European Race Days 2019 announcement

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The inaugural HB Racing European Race Days 2019 will be held from 5th to 7th April at the famous ARCF42 track near Lyon, France. This fun weekend race is exclusively for HB Racing cars. The event will be held in the Nitro Buggy and E-buggy classes and Spec tyres (HB Racing Megabite, Yellow compound ) will be included in the entry. Free practice will be run Friday and and the racing is on Saturday and Sunday. More details about the race will be announced on January 15th.

XRAY XB4 Alpha ultra-lightweight body


XRAY have introduced the new Alpha ultra-lightweight body for the XB4. The low-profile Alpha body is completely redesigned to provide high-performance and super-smooth airflow and all-new downforce areas. The Alpha body gives increased steering and stability while also improving handling in jumps. It lower weight reduces the roll of the car and improves rotation in corners. The front part of the body has a new high-downforce area while the sides of the body have upper downforce areas to generate more mid-body downforce, and the straight sidewalls improve stability. The upper part of the body was redesigned with a smooth flow channel.

ProTek Silicone Graphene + LiHV battery packs

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AMain Hobbies have introduced their new range of ProTek RC Silicone Graphene + LiHV battery packs. The range consists of 13 battery packs including eight 2S batteries, one 3S battery, two 4S batteries and two 1S batteries, all made of 120C Silicon Graphene cells offering more power and lower internal resistance when compared to the previous ProTek LiHV Graphene packs. The discharge curve is flatter, meaning the cells maintain higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle with no significant drop off. Additionally, when compared to conventional LiPo batteries Silicon Graphene batteries are lighter, providing a higher capacity per gram ratio.

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XTR 2S/4S balance charge leads

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XTR Racing have introduced new 2S/4S balance charge leads. The 450mm long lead allows to charge two 2S LiPo packs, a 2S LiPo pack or a 4S LiPo pack. It comes pre-soldered with 4/5mm bullet connectors and an XH balance connector to fit all popular batteries on the market.

XRAY XB2/4 CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin


XRAY have introduced three new CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin for the XB2 and XB4. These CNC-machined CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin are made from world-renowned HUDY spring steel. They are hardened with a proprietary hardening process to provide unbeatable lifetime and reliability. The CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin are available in 72mm, 73mm and 75mm long.

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HRC Racing 4700mAh hardcase LiPo battery pack

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HRC Distribution have added the new 4700mAh hard case LiPo battery pack to their HRC Racing range. The hardcase battery pack is built from 40C cells, offers 7.4V output, it is available with T-type connector and fits most 2S LiPo battery compartments.

Robert Batlle wins at International Full Throttle race

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The International Full Throttle race was held last weekend in Bombay, India. The event was part of the IIT Bombay TechFest which hosted many other events. Robert Batlle (Mugen) brought home the win from Kyosho duo of João Figueiredo in second and Rayan Medjoubi in third.