Worlds Video: Q1 Heats 1,2,3

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 Heat 1 Q1: Ronnefalk, Bayer, Cavalieri



Heat 2: Batlle, Tebo, Neumann



Heat 3: Ty Tessmann (TQ)


Ty Tessmann owns Opening Worlds Qualifying round


Halfway through the 2014 Worlds and after last nights fun-fueled festivities which included the opening ceremony and a little party with food laid on as well as dancers we’re finally not talking about practice anymore.

Perhaps a cold track or nerves played their part as two of the front runners posted sub-par times, first out David Ronnefalk whose car looked a bit shaky and a series of poor opening laps spoiled his run leaving him languishing in P11 whilst Robert Batlle suffered a similar fate in heat 2 as small mistakes crept into his otherwise rapid run handing him the unfamiliar position of 9th overall. Jared Tebo stole the headlines in heat 2 as he ran a very good Q1, more or less fault-free however the controversy started as ‘USA team manager’ was called to tech inspection – the news slowly wafted it’s way around the pits that Tebo had been disqualified for a couple of holes on the left rear side of his body on top of the side pod near the muffler, holes he had cut out but other Kyosho drivers hadn’t…


An hour of hearsay and gossip coupled with a protest ended in an international jury meeting voting unanimously to retain the rule in the rulebook, however issue Tebo with a warning rather than DQ him. His P3 overall stands.

Step up heat 3 and a mesmerising run from Ty Tessmann, we’ve had to go buy a thesaurus in order to find new evocative phrases to describe Ty’s dominating displays – his time some 7.5 secs clear of a very impressive run from Ryan Maifield – he himself only driving for a clean ‘banker’ run. Tessmann lapped in the 37sec region for eternity, until he pitted – his parents Gord & Leann putting Pro-Line’s fuel stick to good use, posting the fastest pit lap of 42.488 – quite simply brilliant.

Tuesday Photo Gallery


AT4_5428 AT4_5603 AT4_5645 AT4_5666

Lee Martin again posted a great run putting him in P4, some 6/10ths shy of Tebo whilst Kyle McBride has been slightly off the headlines so far in practice put in a P5 result. It’s no accident that we’re now not looking at 3 consecutive laps anymore but 10mins, and the names in the top 10 are refreshed slightly. In 6th Ryan Lutz who seems to be sorting his brake issues whilst the ol’ wily Adam Drake running a wider TLR chassis didn’t pit for fuel, strong achievement on this wide open Naxos track. Carson Wernimont’s 8th place finish means 6 N.American drivers in the top 8 – the Europeans struggling in the opening round somewhat.

Q1 Overall [PDF]


Under the Hood: Atsushi Hara


Atsushi Hara (Japan), 34

Chassis: SWORKz S350 Evo WCE
Engine: OS B2101
Tyres: Pro-Line Blockade X2, PL Insert
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKX, Futaba 9353HV
Event: 2014 IFMAR World Championships – Giardini Naxos, Italy
Notes: New prototype parts on the car – new lower arms, driveshafts, diff gears, 16mm short shocks, new rear alu hubs, lightweight alu parts (balls, hex hubs) new steering rack as well. Hara has switched to Pro-Line rubber as he thinks these are the best tyres on this hard-wearing track.

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Video: Monday Pit Walkabout

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Monday’s end of day video walkaround the pits features Reno Savoya, Yannick Aigoin, Alan Dell, Atsushi Hara, Drew Moller and Tim Long!


Worlds Video: Heats 1,2,3,4

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 Heat 1: Ty Tessmann, Ryan Maifield, Darren Bloomfield, Neil Cragg



Heat 2: Lee Martin, Elliott Boots, Robert Batlle, Cody King, Ryan Lutz



Heat 3: David Ronnefalk, Reno Savoya, Jorn Neumann


Ronnefalk top seed for Worlds Qualifying


With the Sweet Sicilian sounds of The Godfather ringing out across the Naxos track in the shadow of the looming Mount Etna and the Opening Ceremony for the 15th World Championships due to commence it was once again the turn of David Ronnefalk to assume the distinction as ‘lead’ pace car for the Worlds as he strung together three laps faster than his peers could on Monday’s two rounds of Controlled practice.

EUR_2280 EUR_2281 EUR_2282 EUR_2285

Monday Photo Gallery

Robert Batlle put a stop to Ty Tessmann’s practice dominance in the morning run, saying he was quietly content with his run having gone thicker on oil, springs and changed quite a few things, pleased with the balance, consistency as well as raw speed.


Whilst in round 2 it was David who would unseat Ty Tessmann as top seed by a margin of 4/10ths, Lee Martin moved into P3 using the best three laps but rather than continue to focus on a system we’ll disregard completely and had a quick look at who actually was quickest over the 5 mins that were timed:

Lee Martin – 8/5:00.793
Ty Tessmann – 8/5:03.175
David Ronnefalk – 8/5:06.844
Robert Batlle – 8/5:10.557

Lee’s Rd 2 run was incredibly consistent, 7 of 8 laps in the 37 sec range, with one 38 sec lap – the kind of consistent pace that’ll get you places and points over a 10 min IFMAR Qualifying session.

EUR_2303 EUR_2288 EUR_2291 EUR_2293

It might be a stretch but we kind of expect things to close up once we are doing 10 minute runs, the 3 consecutive laps system has run it’s course. Yesterday we were talking about Maifield potentially breaking into that top 3 and making it a foursome, this time around it looks like Lee Martin is best placed for it given his long run pace and confidence.

Seeding Overall [PDF]

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Video: Pro-Line’s ‘Fuel Stick’ in action & new lexan wing


AT4_4610 AT4_4612 AT4_4615 AT4_4621 AT4_4625 AT4_4626 AT4_4630EUR_1243 EUR_1242 EUR_1241 EUR_1239

Batlle tops Controlled Practice Rd 1


Robert Batlle put a stop to Ty Tessmann’s practice dominance, at least for now as Robert said he was happy with his run having gone thicker on oil, springs and changed quite a few things, pleased with the balance, consistency as well as raw speed. Again the same top 3 drivers, just rotating in order, Ronnefalk occupying the P2 position whilst a slightly off run from Tessmann – father Gord saying he might have been slightly nervous playing it’s part.

EUR_2278 EUR_2250 EUR_2252 EUR_2254

No such luck for Darren Bloomfield however, the Agama driver lapping well until he broke his car, with timing only counting in the last 5mins it puts him under serious pressure for later. TLR’s Dakotah Phend looks to have found a turn of pace, this time backing up team mate Maifield’s timechart ascendancy yesterday. Davide Ongaro continues to impress mightily whilst Tebo climbs from 13th yesterday to 7th so far today as well as Savoya moving up the ladder, not so for Martin Bayer however who doesn’t make the top 12.


1. Robert Batlle – 1:51.754
2. David Ronnefalk – 1:51.896
3. Ty Tessmann – 1:52.212
4. Dakotah Phend – 1:52.402
5. Lee Martin – 1:52.421
6. Ryan Maifield – 1:52.591
7. Jared Tebo – 1:53.074
8. Ryan Cavalieri – 1:53.083
9. Davide Ongaro – 1:53.418
10. Reno Savoya – 1:53.625
11. Kyle McBride – 1:53.787
12. Jerome Aigoin – 1:53.792

Controlled Practice Round 1 Overall

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Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Argentina 2012


Argentina 2012 Buenos Aires was held in December that year, we were looking forward to going to this as we had a fairly dominant year with Elliott Boots and his Kyosho/Novarossi/AKA package. But again the rumours started on the so called Unsocial networks, saying it’s dangerous it should never be held there bla bla bla! But the only thing I was worried about was getting through customs with all our racing stuff intact, and not to be charged high $$$ to get it through. As I know this was fact from the drivers I had seen stuck there for 12 hours arguing to get out with their racing gear! We were Lucky in a way that we didn’t attend the warm up race.

IFMAR said that they had it sorted, and we had a piece of photo copied paper basically telling the customs officers that we were racing a WC event, and that by taking this stuff into your country it was of no financial gain to us. I didn’t hold too much hope as customs are of a law to themselves!

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Under the Hood: Dakotah Phend


Dakotah Phend (USA), 17

Chassis: TLR 8ight 3.0
Engine: Team Orion 321 Factory
Tyres: Pro-Line
Fuel: Nitrotane
Radio & Servos: Spektrum DX4R Pro, Spektrum
Event: 2014 IFMAR World Championships – Giardini Naxos, Italy

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