JConcepts B6 chassis protective sheet

JConcepts B6-B6D chassis protective sheet

JConcepts have introduced three new chassis protective sheet for Team Associated B6 and B6D. For years, drivers have hand-cut and custom fit their chassis with a clear material protecting the new chassis look and also providing a smooth or slick surface to decrease friction between chassis and dirt surfaces. JConcepts has hit the easy and glamour button at the same time and is now offering a precut and graphically pleasing chassis protective sheet for the most popular 1/10th off-road vehicles on the market. With 2 pieces included per package, the durable and low-resistance material fits each chassis layout like a glove and adds protection and style in one easy package.

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Kaulin Hall joins Nemo Racing USA

Kaulin Hall Nemo Racing USA

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Nemo Racing USA, in conjunction with Agama RC have announced the signing of Kaulin Hall to the Nemo Racing USA team. Kaulin is based in Huntington Beach, California, and will be driving the Agama A215 Nitro Buggy for the remainder of the 2016 Season. Well represented on the west coast, Kaulin has been racing for the last 14 years at tracks all over southern California, with some of the fastest drivers in the country. Known for always keeping an upbeat demeanor, win or lose, and always willing to help out a fellow racer, we here at Nemo Racing USA are excited to have Kaulin and his dad, Vance, representing us on the west coast.

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RDRP Ultra tyre bands

RDRP Ultra tyre bands


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their all-new Ultra tyre bands for 1/10 and 1/8 tyres. The Ultra tyre bands are nothing less that the evolution of a common design. Their simple construction offers maximum durability while the extended width of 25mm helps to apply maximum pressure to make sure the tire is forced onto the wheel with emphasis, doing away with any ungluing-issues later in the race. The black colour bands with white lettering come in sets of four and they also make up the RDRP2013 Ultra tyre glueing set including eight tyre bands and two bottles of RDRP Ultra tyre glue.

6mik introduces new MISTIK 1/8 tyre

noeux les mines cfe4 dimanche4

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French company 6mik have introduced the MISTIK tyre, a special tyre made for ” Blue Groove ” surfaces (smooth ,slippery & dust free) and clay. The carcass is strictly identical to the PURSUIT one, it allows a very flat profile, which provides a limited balooning and always a maximized contact to the track, means a high traction and low wearing. On a very slippery track, (in turns and straight line), to keep on the desired is crucial to make the best laps.

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Team Corally Eclips 2240 AC/DC Charger

Team Corally Eclips 2240 charger

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Team Corally have introduced the Eclips 2240 AC/DC Charger. It features 2 totally independent and identical power outputs which are powered 120 watts each. A total power package of 240 watts. The Eclips 2240 can charge or discharge up to 2 x 15 NiCd/NiMH cells or 2 x 6S Lithium cell batterypacks simultaneously. The charger has 2 individual cell voltage balancer at each output. The charger can be used continuously due to the 2 fan cooling system and the internal sensor for controlling fan speed. The Eclips 2240 features internal cell balancers, high contrast LCD displays and important warning and safety functions.

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AMS 7.0 report

AMS 7.0 buggy report

The 7th edition of the Alabama Manufacturer Shootout was held at Cullman, Alabama. Race report by Joe Bornhorst:

This race schedule is a little bit different than normal to where practice is on Thursday, quals Friday and mains Sunday. Practice went well for everyone and not too many changes were needed. With it being open practice, there was a lot of cars on the track making it difficult to get many clean laps. Most of the day was spent just making sure our cars were alright and testing some tires. We got a sufficient amount of track time and called it an early night to get prepared for the early morning qualifiers the next day.

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Ricky Berton wins italian champs Rd3

italian champs rd3

Source: Modellismorc.net

For the 3rd round all drivers moved to south-east of Italy, to race at the Occhiazzi Racing Team track, located in Ruffano city, beautiful place inside the Salento region. The Expert category has seen 4 different winners in the 4 qualify round with the TLR -Reds -Pro-Line driver, Alex Zanchettin that reach the final pole position followed by Davide Ongaro and Ricky Berton. The final saw Alex Zanchettin manage the race for some laps but after some technical problem and a problem during the pit he finished far from the victory. After that Ongaro, Baruffolo, Natale, Rabitti and Berton start an hard fight to win. Ricky Berton was able to manage the win and a very consistent Riccardo Rabitti took again a good second place in front of Natale.

BRCA Nats Rd3 report

BRCA rd3 podium

This weekend was the third round of the BRCA 1/8th Rallycross championship at the superb Herts Track. Despite some seriously testing weather the track was in top shape, well done to all the Herts team for you hard work. In qualifying it was Lee Martin and his Mugen MBX7R that got the first round, a couple of seconds ahead of the chasing pack. Elliot Boots and his Reds Powered Kyosho MP9 TKI4 took the Tq in round 2, but it was Agama driver Darren Bloomfield who got the remaining rounds and so he and his Bullett powered A215 took the overall TQ, with Elliot 2nd and Lee 3rd. Jack Embling and his Kyosho ended up 4th and Associated’s Jamie Clancy rounded off the Top 5. Top Jnr was Agama driver Ollie Currie who qualified a fantastic 8th. After all 5 rounds of qualifying it was finals time…

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Quebec RC Series Rd2 report

Quebec RC Series Rd21

This week-end was the 2nd round of the Quebec RC Series held in Charlevoix, north of Quebec City. With more than 80 entries the series is getting more popular every rounds. While some shower came during the day, Jerome Treignier and the RC Charlevoix crew well helped by some volunteers did a great job to clean the track and keep the program. A really technical track designed and builded by Levi Jackson from Sik Track Design.

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Cradock’s How to Videos: look after your engine

Mike Cradock return with another video tutorial on from those already online. In this video Mike shows us how to look after your engine to ensure optimal and sustainable performance.