Bruno Coelho WC Interview: The Road to the top of the World

xb4 a bruno coelho TQ WCh 2015_interview

Bruno’s Road to the World Championship Title

NeoBuggy: Portuguese touring car star, man of the moment, touring car ace, XRAY’s on-road sensation, European & World electric touring vice-Champion, European nitro touring Champion, and now current electric off-road World Champion Bruno Coelho, how does it all sound Bruno?

Bruno: It sounds really great, actually. If you had asked me the same thing one year ago, I couldn’t even imagine all the things I was able to accomplish. Everything happened so fast, but there was a LOT of dedication and hard work. I couldn’t have managed it without all the support I got.

…it’s really tough to define “What is the correct amount of time to wait?”

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Adam Drake talks shock springs

drake shaft

Its been a little while since Mugen Seiki’s driver Adam Drake produced one of his rather helpful and insightful popular video tutorials, today he helps us out with shock springs.

VPPRO release v2 of ‘tool base’

VPPRO new tool base V2 mod

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