Neo14 Day 2 video & Dash4Ca$h!


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Neo14 Pits walkabout – Day 2


Another one of our much awaited Neo14 Pit walkabout videos, enjoy the Martin Brundle-esque madness, improv and we hope you enjoy!



Ty Tessmann claims Dash4Cash


The iconic Dash4Ca$h took centre stage as Saturday at Neo14 drew to a close after three rounds of qualifying, producing no clear favourite for the event, however before the drama even kicked off on track, despite this year’s ‘Dash’ being expanded to 13 drivers (previously 12) – to fit in unlucky #13, last year’s Champion Cody King would miss out as well as his main competitor in the event last year; Joseph Quagraine, qualifying 15th and 14th respectively using the two from rounds format.


XRAY’s Czech star Martin Bayer would start on pole with Jorn Neumann challenging hard on the opening lap, Neil Cragg got involved and briefly had the lead before a crash saw David Ronnefalk take up the challenge, looking very racey indeed however a bad crash landing on the corner cut corner saw him tumble down the order, this opened the door for Ty Tessmann who homed in on Martin Bayer and despite putting up a valiant effort was powerless to stop the young Canadian – ranked #1 in the world rankings.

Tessmann did his ranking justice as he sailed off into the setting Shropshire sun…

taking a deserved and very comfortable victory and two hundred British pounds with him, behind however things were far from settled, for long periods, Lee Martin, Reno Savoya and Elliott Boots were in the mix for 3rd, each one of them looking faster than Bayer but running all over the place, tangling – generally producing great racing and passes!

AT4_0714 AT4_0675 AT4_0659 AT4_0506

The final came down to the last couple of laps as Tessmann duly collected the coveted title and Martin Bayer 2nd with Lee Martin taking 3rd.

Dash4Ca$h Results | Overall Qualifying standings using 3/3 | Neo14 Results index

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Lee Martin cruises to a Q3 TQ


All eyes in Q3 were on star of the first two rounds Reno Savoya, whether the Frenchman could produce another searing sensation of a qualifier to put himself in a position for overall TQ, however it wasn’t to be as almost immediately into heat 16 on track, a bad landing off the left side ‘whip-corner’ table top saw him tumbling off requiring rescuing by a nearby marshal.

AT4_9977 AT4_9997 AT4_9908 AT4_9993

This opened the doors for the pretenders to the throne and Lee Martin took up the challenge, his driving style silky smooth as ever, not as spectacular as some of his peers but peerlessly fast, the British father of two led home a Mugen 1,2 as Robert Batlle confirmed the MBX7′s prowess on the ever-developing Neo14 track.

AT4_9770 AT4_9745 AT4_9644 AT4_0002

Change was in the air, not only as temperatures increased slightly during Q3, but along with the slow setting sunlight, so to do did Team Associated’s bid in Q3, having opened with a great statement in the hands of Ryan Maifield, they were left with no cars in the top 10, Yannick Aigoin rescuing their blushes slightly with a solid, if unlucky #13th. Reno Savoya did recover his run with a 4th overall, which will surely lock him into a great start position for the semis whilst Tebo continues to loiter in the top three – a bad crash just past the loop costing him 2nd, maybe even a TQ shot.

As Q3 winds down, anticipation is in the air for the 13-car Dash4Ca$h event which will see Martin Bayer start on pole!


Under the Hood: Reno Savoya


Reno Savoya (27) – Neo14

Chassis: XRAY XB8
Engine: Orion 321 Factory
Fuel: Runnertime 25%
Tyres: Sweep Micro Contacts Silver – Cloud 9 inserts
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKSR, Savox SB-2274SG
Notes: “Standard setup from EFRA GP last weekend, Amazing track!” thanks to all sponsors: XRAY, HUDY, Orion, Sweep, Futaba, Savox, Avid, Lucky7RC, JTQ, Runnertime, Maugrafix, Ultimate Racing

AT4_0319 AT4_0324 AT4_0328 AT4_0330AT4_0331 AT4_0332 AT4_0333 AT4_0335

2nd TQ for Tebo in Vampire electric



Jared Tebo backed up his round 1 time with another TQ run, this time Darren Bloomfield managed to sneak into 2nd just ahead of Ty Tessmann whilst reigning 1/8 Offroad World Champion Robert Batlle placed in 4th and flyin’ Ryan Lutz took 5th overall.

This leaves Tebo with an open goal to secure overall TQ if he goes fastest in any of the three remaining qualifying rounds – Q3 run today with Q4 & Q5 to follow on Sunday.


1 Jared Tebo 12/6’4.797
2 Darren Bloomfield 12/6’6.346
3 Ty Tessmann 12/6’6.521
4 Robert Batlle 12/6’7.307
5 Ryan Lutz 12/6’10.655
6 Martin Bayer 12/6’11.627
7 Jorn Neumann 12/6’12.378
8 David Ronnefalk 12/6’13.278
9 Atsushi Hara 12/6’16.308
10 Cody King 12/6’16.371

Reno Savoya seals Q2 TQ


Q2 was interrupted by a brief power cut, whilst the action fell silent for 20 mins, it gave racers a chance to catch up, have lunch or even discuss how to find that extra 10th of a second or more per lap.

Out front it was David Ronnefalk who had provisional TQ, overcoming a disastrous run in Q1 setting an encouraging time that would have seen him TQ Q1, however the fast guys were up in the next heat and he would be demoted to 8th overall.


The story of Q2 belongs to Reno Savoya, 2nd in Q1 and TQ in Q2 the shark smells blood and would not be denied as he set a blistering pace, hot on his XRAY XB8’s heels however is a certain Neo specialist – Mr Jared Tebo, seemingly entering his Neo crescendo that tends to end with victory. Once again the top 10 looks similar to Q1 with the Brits all in there whilst Jorn Neumann in P11 had a much improved run as did Jerome Aigoin in 12th.

Q2 Overall Results | Live Timing | Watch Neo14 on LiveRC!


Neo14 Photos


AT4_9999 AT4_0001 AT4_0002 AT4_0004AT4_9642 AT4_9644 AT4_9669 AT4_9684


AT4_9685 AT4_9688 AT4_9712 AT4_9745 AT4_9759 AT4_9770 AT4_9778 AT4_9784


AT4_9883 AT4_9910 AT4_9913 AT4_9916 AT4_9929 AT4_9941 AT4_9950 AT4_9965 AT4_9967 AT4_9977 AT4_9993 AT4_9997

Maifield TQ’s Q1 with RC8 Prototype


Associated’s RC8 prototype looks to be working very well as Ryan Maifield shot out of the starting blocks to TQ round 1 of qualifying at Neo14, Maifield led the way in heat 16 of Q1 but would face traffic infront in the shape of Cody King, losing a bit of time as Savoya clawed back, however the shark would finish a strong 2nd, only 0.5 secs back whilst Darren Bloomfield impressed in 3rd.


Practice pacesetter Ty Tessmann was on a solid top 5 run until a terrible lap towards the end of the run lost him 10 secs whilst the Brits ensured they dominated the top 5 with the likes of Bloomfield, Martin & Boots all there along with Neil Cragg in 7th, backing up the pace of the RC8 prototype – clearly the much-discussed buggy design seems to work well at the Neo Race!

Q1 Overall Results | Live Timing | Watch Neo14 on LiveRC!



In the Vampire Racing sponsored electric class it was business as usual with a memorable name ontop, Jared Tebo setting a very rapid pace, putting a comfortable margin between himself and Ty Tessmann, you might see that the electric class is marginally quicker than their nitro powered cousins, although the nitro class seems more competitive in terms of top 10 time.

1 Jared Tebo 12/6’5.990c
2 Ty Tessmann 12/6’9.497
3 Lee Martin 12/6’10.702
4 Ryan Maifield 12/6’13.866c
5 Martin Bayer 12/6’14.455
6 Elliott Boots 12/6’17.041c
7 Ryan Lutz 12/6’17.690
8 Mike Truhe 12/6’17.844
9 Cody King 12/6’18.120
10 Adam Drake 12/6’19.480

Neo14 Pits Walkabout